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Welcome at mkalat.pl site.

At this site I share my freeware programs I created if I needed some funcionality, that was not included or not included for free in software that can be found in the Internet. Programs hosted here are absolutely free and theres no hatch, use it and enjoy. Also if You like My creations feel free to spread the word about My work. Thank You.
Download section of this site soon will be populated with programs yet to date known only in Polish.

Marcin Kalat
Saturday 28 March 2015

28/03 :  Librarian Books Catalogue - License updated

Librarian Books Catalogue has been published under terms GNU GPL V. 2 License earlier in March 2015, so download description, and license supplied with software has been updated.
New package containing version of LBC with updated license has been placed in download section of this site. However it does not contain any new features, which I'm working on.

Sources are on github.com : https://github.com/MKalat

Thursday 02 October 2014

02/10 :  Librarian Books Catalogue - new beta version published

Yesterday I published new beta version of my program for cataloguing books - Librarian Books Catalogue. Among some fixes and improved English locale, it contains added support for printing data of posessed books on local printer, given selectable by user criteria what to print. Program is licensed as freeware. LBC can be run from pendrive, it also keeps its database file in local folder, so whole program installation may be easily transferred between computers with all data about catalogued books.

Friday 25 July 2014

25/07 :  MK Film DB (Biblioteka Filmow) at sourceforge.net

My program for cataloguing movies is also ready for download at sourceforge.net here 

25/07 :  MK Film DB available for download

I want to announce here, that MK Film DB, known in Poland ad "Biblioteka Filmow" is available for download in beta version, containig English locale. It has taken some time, but given the fact I was working on other commercial projects, earlier this year, I'm happy to tell that almost any locale has been translated to English. Because this hasn't been tested by native English speakers, this program version is marked as beta.  I open to Your comments about quality of this translation.

Monday 23 June 2014

23/06 :  MK Film DB NET and MK Film DB (native version) translation progress

I have almost finished translation of MK Film DB NET - freeware program for movie collectors, which has multiple useful features - it will soon be placed for download. There is also  some more work needed to translate auto-updater and documentation, which also will be available at this site.
Program has built-in help viewer so translating user interface albo must be coordinated with update for help documentation hosted at My Polish site, for now. There will be English version of most helpful articles describing basics of this program.
There is also native version - MK Film DB - which is open source  application for Windows mainly, but with ability to focus on Linux (which has growing popularity) and Mac OS, thanks to Qt programming library used with it. It, for this moment, lacks support for downloading data about possessed and catalogued movies from internet databases, but this functionality will be added soon. 

23/06 :  Librarian Books Catalogue

I want to announce that public beta phase of Librarian Books Catalogue - program for cataloging books is closing. Program has features similar to my other programs known already for Polish audience - it allows store a lot of information about posessed books, it also has ability to record borrows of own books to friends and log state in which book has been borrowed and the state in which it has been returned. It has ability to easily search for books in our posession among books stored in program database using wide criteria options.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

18/10 :  Site Launch

There is still a lot things to do, but I decided to launch site today. The first thing is to provide english language versions of my freeware programs I develop - as of now there is no english locale for my programs.
Other thing is that most of software I created is targeted mostly to Polish audience (especially tools and plugins for Polish popular IM - Tlen), but there will be released alpha version of one of my most popular program beeing reworked now, named MK Film DB, with english locale. MK Film DB is a new name for my "Biblioteka Filmow" - quite popular but still free software in Poland.

I'm going to post some content about widely meant Computer Science subjects, as for now there is one describing how to fix on some hosts issue with e107 installer, which issue I don't see it is widely known in the Internet. I didn't seen at all both the issue and solution noted at e107.org webpage.